Justine Win

Justine is a contributing writer and illustrator for Project Iloilo.

Articles by Justine Win

9 Tips from a Sloppy Traveler - Project Iloilo

9 Tips from a Sloppy Traveler

Ilonggos love to travel. With the wealth of churches, beaches, mountains, and whatever…

Iloilo Grand DotA2 Championship - Project Iloilo

Iloilo Grand Dota 2 Championship: It’s a Freakin’ War

It was a great day for both computer gamers and gaming enthusiasts as…

Wicked - Project Iloilo

An Experience with Wicked

So much happened before Dorothy dropped in. Everyone knows about the Wizard of…

Valentine's Guide for the Torpe - Project Iloilo

Valentine’s Day Guide for the ‘Torpe’

Congratulations! You’ve clicked on this article and because of that, you’ve successfully accomplished…

Dinagyang Survival Guide - Project Iloilo

10 Alibis of Introverts to Skip Dinagyang

1. “Nah, I’ll just watch it live on TV. Better because I can…

Why I Love Being Ilonggo - Project Iloilo

6 Reasons Why I Love Being An Ilonggo

1. Iloilo is a convenient place. One thing I observed in Iloilo is…