Joseph Batcagan

Joseph is Project Iloilo’s Editor-in-Chief, which is a position he believes will make him the alpha beta among all beta males.

Articles by Joseph Batcagan

The Yaya as Iloy - Project Iloilo

The Yaya as ‘Iloy’: A Short Film for Mother’s Day

Cornelius Tagbanwa is many things: an advocate for cultural relics, a bedroom linguist,…

Aftersyx: Rebirth of Ilonggo Pirate Radio - Project lloilo

Aftersyx: The Rebirth of Ilonggo Pirate Radio

012 besides St. Paul’s University was a haven for local musical acts performing…

Like Pacquiao: Marvin Gumban - Project Iloilo

Like ‘Pacquiao’: Marvin Gumban’s Second Chance at Relevance

It feels strange to lift a quote from It's a Hard 'Box' Life…

Ill City Indie Festival - Project Iloilo

Ilonggo Popcast S01E08: Valley of Chrome

UPDATE: We've experienced some technical problems earlier. All the issues have been fixed…

Ned Trespeces - Ilonggo Popcast

Ilonggo Popcast S01E07: Ned Trespeces

Remember Jologs and how it inspired a whole generation of teens to be…

Luis Batchoy - Project Iloilo

Luis Batchoy: On Haikus and ‘Walang Forever’

“Walang forever.” [There’s no forever] This is certainly the last line you would…

Holy Week Movies - Project Iloilo

5 Movies Ilonggos Commonly Watch During Holy Week

Ilonggos are a movie-loving people. Heck, one of our writers from Project Iloilo…

Tunog Amakan - Ilonggo Popcast

Ilonggo Popcast S01E06: Tunog Amakan

For those who remember riding in a jeep and hearing "Iloilo, Banwang Pinalangga"…

Tara Illenberger - Ilonggo Pop

Ilonggo Popcast S01E05: Tara Illenberger

Caught Diary ng Panget last year? Or how about the recent Cinemalaya favorite,…