glory moralidad

Gloria Concepcion H. Moralidad founded Bata Ako Ph, which aims to bring back the lost art of storytelling to children. She has also been nominated and awarded for her work on various children's books.

Articles by Glory Moralidad:

The Modern Kerida: Extramarital Affairs in the New Iloilo

Querida. How in the world did this delightful word, which means “beloved” in Spanish, transform into an expression that most Ilonggos deem horrendous and degrading? Mistress. Kabit. Number 2. The other woman. Kerida. If you’re reading this right now, then you ought to know what these words mean and how it turned out for people.. Read more

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Ilonggos Should Give a Damn About Ilonggo Books

Traveling Tales Proves Literature Isn’t Only for the ‘Burgis’

Have you ever sat by your grandmother’s or grandfather’s side and listened to their tales of lore?

The Mystery of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria

A Brief History of ‘Sine’: Iloilo Cinema & Movie Houses from the Late 19th Century and Beyond

The History of the Jaro Fiesta

Fiestas are wholly embedded within our beings. They allow us to relish the local culture and dance through time, reliving vistas of age as they

CineKasimanwa 2: Film Appreciation for the Everyday Ilonggo