Glory Moralidad

At present, Glory is writing and illustrating short stories for children. She founded Traveling Tales, a group of individuals whose mission is to create stories for children and bring these original tales to different communities.

Articles by Glory Moralidad

Kerida, Querida - Project Iloilo

The Modern Kerida: Extramarital Affairs in the New Iloilo

Querida. How in the world did this delightful word, which means “beloved” in…

Freelancing - Project Iloilo

Everyday, We Hustlin’: Why Ilonggos are Getting into Freelancing

She was 20 years old and fresh out of college when she decided…

Ilonggos Should Give A Damn About Ilonggo Books - Project Iloilo

Ilonggos Should Give a Damn About Ilonggo Books

We often don't read, but when we do, we read for pleasure. And…

Traveling Tales - Project Iloilo

Traveling Tales Proves Literature Isn’t Only for the ‘Burgis’

Have you ever sat by your grandmother's or grandfather's side and listened to…

Mystery of Nuetra Señoe de la Candelaria - Project Iloilo

The Mystery of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria

Old leaves swept by her feet as Lola Aning stood outside the Jaro…

Iloilo Cinema - Project Iloilo

A Brief History of ‘Sine’: Iloilo Cinema & Movie Houses from the Late 19th Century and Beyond

Films don’t always create another world; they also show reality in all its…

Jaro Fiesta - Project Iloilo

The History of the Jaro Fiesta

A Short History of the Fiesta of Jaro Fiestas are wholly embedded within…

CineKasimanwa 2 - Project Iloilo

CineKasimanwa 2: Film Appreciation for the Everyday Ilonggo

The 2nd edition of CineKasimanwa: The Western Visayas Film Festival reeled into action…