Yanna Tupas (Diana Jayce Tupas) is a graphic designer by profession and a visual artist by passion. She's also a nocturnal music junkie who loves watermelon.

Articles by Dianajaycetupas:

That’s What You Get in The Only Exception: Paramore Night in Iloilo

Paramore fans gathered to sing along to their favorite Paramore songs at the first Paramore Night, a themed tribute show, last November 17th at the basement of Monkey Grounds Coffee hosted by The Locals Merch Shop. Local acts like Ozanam, Holiday, Monster, City B, The Queens, A Shadow’s Promise, and Ember rocked back-to-back covers of.. Read more

CONQuest 2018: Iloilo’s Biggest Gaming and Pop Culture Event

University Fest 2018 with Ben&Ben