What Is Project Iloilo?


Project Iloilo is an online magazine focused on telling the stories of Iloilo and Ilonggo culture in all its facets. The website aims to do so through the publication of original and in-depth pieces featuring people, places, food, and cutting-edge ideas that we believe define what being an “Ilonggo” is today in a globalized context, all while keeping in mind how these stories can inspire positive change not just among Ilonggos, but for everyone who is living in Iloilo or who has fallen in love with this place.

If you want to learn more about what Project Iloilo is, you can read more about our launch editorial here.

As we continue to improve how Project Iloilo deliver stories to you, we would appreciate it very much if you could send us feedback that could be helpful to our day-to-day operations. Please feel free to reach us through info@projectiloilo.com. Alternately, you could also reach us through social media at our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Project Iloilo’s mission statement is to document, spread, and create culture in this little place called Iloilo. We hope you join us in our journey.



Spencer Ravago

Joseph Batcagan

Kristine Buenavista
Xtian Lozañes
Glory Moralidad
Cornelius Tagbanwa
The Real Makoy
Sheeb Guazo
Jam Lebrilla
Martin Espino
Bambi Capanang
Hermz Gacho
Dwayne Muyuela
Justine Win
Marl Patrick Borro
Riza Ornos
Yen de Felipe




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