4 Tatays, As Described By Their Loved Ones

By sheeber joyce

They work hard. They provide. They sacrifice for their family. They don’t talk much but when they do, you better sit right up and listen. Fathers are the traditional pillars of discipline at home and for their children as far back as anyone can remember. Don’t believe me? Well, they surely play a major role on things like going to your first overnight party or on your decision to get a new phone this year.

The tough facade our fathers display is not an act, though it’s not strange to see them change our diapers or play peek-a-boo with us when we were nothing but helpless infants. Their rules and reminders may sound totally “untrendy” at times but, writing as a fellow parent, I’m aware that the fathers I know will give up the world just to protect their kids.

Much like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day was made to honor dads around the world and their contribution, influence and sacrifices they made for their children, family and society. I originally wanted to interview the dads themselves, but here’s something better: I simply let the women in their lives speak about how they love their fathers. After all, who else can best describe paternal love more than the wives and daughters bearing witness to it on a daily basis?

So, without further ado, here are just some of the magnanimous tatays of Iloilo, as told to Project Iloilo by the women who love them the most:

(Editor’s note: Project Iloilo decided to publish the following answers below in its original, unabridged form)

Raul Banias Father's Day - Project IloiloDr. Raul Banias
Provincial Administrator, Province of Iloilo“Doc Raul is ‘Daddy Doc’ to his children and children of our staff. For us, if there’s one word to describe him as a father, BEST. For a partner in life – he is not only my better half but the Best Half.”

– Nandie Joy Moreno-Banias, wife


Bong Mabilog Father's Day - Project IloiloMr. Bong Mabilog
President, Alpha Crest Academy“Bong is a very hands-on father to Nathan and values the time he spends with him from the time our son wakes up until we put him to sleep. He believes that the best investment a parent can make is time for a child. If there’s one thing that Nathan loves about his Papa, it’s the time they spend playing and discovering new things together.”

– Gerthrode Charlotte Tan-Mabilog, wife


George Gabileo Father's Day - Project IloiloMr. George J. Gabileo
Employee, Iloilo City Engineer’s Office“You are not perfect but you are gifted. Never be afraid to take risks for it is human nature to create mistakes. That’s the best confidence-booster echoed in my ear from him… my ideal man… my Papa.”

– Charm Gabileo, daughter


Edwin Flores Father's Day - Project IloiloMr. Edwin Flores
Laboratory technician, Department of Public Works and Highways“My father is very supportive in every decision I make. Though we’re not rich, he did everything for me to graduate. He may not be the richest man on earth but for me he is the greatest dad. Lesson I learned from him, never let poverty hinder you to be successful and sometimes we need to sacrifice some things for the people that we love.”

– Divine Grace Flores, daughter

So, for all the men reading this piece who are “paternal” in nature—whether you be real fathers or figurative ones—we greet a Happy Father’s Day to all of you! Go out and celebrate your greatness with your loved ones!

What about you, dear reader? Do you have a story or message you want to tell about your father? Do share them in the comments section below!