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5 Things I Learned from an Ilonggo Poet’s Writing Workshop at Age 24 - Project Iloilo

5 Things I Learned from an Ilonggo Poet’s Writing Workshop at Age 24

It was past 4pm and the jeepneys rallied in an array as kids rushed out from Iloilo Central School. My feet thumped...

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Dagyang Paupas Videoke Baylehan - Project Iloilo

Dagyang, Videoke, Paupas: How Baylehans Are Known Today

Nothing is as quintessentially Ilonggo as the ‘baylehan’. Come at me, but you know this to be true. In essence, the baylehan...

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Cursed Man from Jereos - Project Iloilo

The Cursed Man of Jereos

You can see him walking aimlessly in his oversized T-shirt while staring at bypassers through his scattered eyes. Then, his body starts to shake and he just...

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Things Non-ilonggos Love About Iloilo - Project Iloilo

10 Non-Ilonggos Tell Us What They Love About Iloilo

My personal testimonials about Iloilo are, no surprise, mostly positive. So, I took a different route this time around: I went around and...

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Home is Where the "Art" is - Project Iloilo

Home is Where the “Art” Is: Iloilo Houses Show Where Art Lives

“Where Thou Art—that—is Home.” – Emily Dickinson I just found this opening line from one of Dickinson’s...

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Ilongga Confession - Project Iloilo

An Ilongga Confesses to 5 Things She Loves about Iloilo City

Iloilo City has been called by many names. Although she delights to be called as the ‘City of Love’, don’t make the mistake...

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Artivism Iloilo - Project Iloilo

Make Communities, Not Just “Scenes”

To gauge how Iloilo City now has a culture that rivals most metropolitan areas in the country, you only have to be aware of the different “scenes”...

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Artivism Iloilo - Project Iloilo

Artivism [iloilo]: Social Media and Society (Huring-huring)

Artivism, a curated street art, will commence at the Quezon Driveway Car Park of Robinsons Place Iloilo on 25 March 2017,...

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Best of Urban Baylehan 2017 - Project Iloilo

Best Moments of Urban Baylehan 2017 (as Seen by Us)

Another year, another Urban Baylehan in the books by Project Iloilo. It’s been a tiring weekend not just for us organizers and...

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